Take a tour of the dairy during your stay and come and meet our cows.


Our herd is small (just 70 cows, compared to a national average of nearer 100), meaning we have the time to care for each cow individually. Each has a name, not just a number, and most are distant descendants of the handful of cows who made up our original herd. Diana 24th and Daisy 20th are the great-great-great grand-daughters of those first few animals! Our cows are kept outside on grass during the warm summer months and are given cosy straw bedding inside during the frosty and wet winter months. They come up to be milked by our Fullwood Merlin milking robot when they want to, and our cared for by our experienced team of stockmen and women. We feed nutritious home-grown food whenever possible.

How now Brown Cow!

We use a cross-breeding system here at Church Farm, where our original Holstein Friesian cows are being sired to Brown Swiss animals. The main advantage of this is that the offspring are more robust animals, producing a great milking animal and a good beef carcass for the male offspring. All of our beef calves, both our male dairy-type calves and our dairy-beef crosses, are sold to a neighbour just a few hundred yards up the road.